A Guide to “As Is” Property Sales

Understanding “As Is” in the Real Estate Business

Requires a guide to “As Is” Property Sales

A Guide to “As-Is” Property Sales for you to considerYou would often read a property listing with the “As Is” description. So, what exactly does it mean? A property termed “As Is” means that the seller is unwilling to make any property changes for its sale. They would want to sell it in the same condition it is currently holding. There are so many reasons for the seller not to take responsibility for upgrading or refurbishing the property. Usually, the property is owned by senior citizens who have moved to another location or passed away. In inheritance, most people don’t want to invest any further and unload the property in the same condition. Sometimes, people are going through tough times financially or health-wise, so they are rushing to sell the property. In recent times, many sales of such properties were due to foreclosure. No matter what the reason is, a house sold in “as is” condition doesn’t mean any negative notion with the property.

Buying As-Is Property

When you buy a property in the same condition, it’s more reasonable prices. It is an opportunity not to be missed. These properties are listed way below the market value, so you end up saving all the update money, and later on, use it as per your desires. If you are a property enthusiast, you must have watched “Flip or Flop,” where you see both sides of the story. Sometimes buying a property at a low price and then upgrading it costs way more than buying an expensive property. You have to make a wise decision based on the alterations needed for a property you intend to purchase. Look at all the aspects along with an accurate forecast of money required for refurbishing. Especially when you plan to live in the same house rather than just investing, make sure that the property is livable if you don’t have spare cash for upgrades. After finalizing the property and submission of the deposit, you need to arrange a home inspection. Your real estate attorney will help you do that. The real estate attorney should also help you draft the contract, which explicitly explains your rights and responsibilities of purchase. It should also have a contingency plan of letting you get your deposit back in case home inspection brings out significant issues in the property.

Selling As-Is Property

In case you are selling a property in “as is” condition, there are multiple factors for you to consider. Most importantly, it alerts potential buyers about your urgency and unavailability of time or money investment. In case you are listing the property for “as is,” you have to explain to the potential buyers about noticeable fixtures needed explicitly. These could be significant problems like encroachments on the property, flooding, carpenter issues, air conditioning, or any other major fundamental issue categorized in immediate fixes required. You don’t necessarily have to explain the minor problems which are subjective.

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