Kalkaska Real Estate Fall Buyers

Kalkaska Real Estate Fall Buyer

Kalkaska Real Estate Fall Buyers, The best time to buy?  Potential home buyers with children are less likely to be in the market to buy a home once school has started. Other Kalkaska Real Estate Fall Buyers may become hampered by inclement weather, shorter daylight hours, and holiday demands.

The fall real estate season  has become synonymous with the tapering off of summer trends. In other words, fall is when we typically see real estate sales slowing down, but this year may be an exception to the rule.  The low inventories of the summer will trend lower through fall and into winter.  It stands to reason that those buyers who can identify these trends stand a better chance of realizing success.

Fall buyers and sellers are usually motivated to make a move based on numbers. In contrast, the motivated and more casual buyers are out and looking in springtime.

Although this applies at all times of the year, knowing your market is paramount in buying a NW Michigan home.  Make sure you make a checklist of things that are important to you when picking a home. If you have children, know what schools they attend or if you have schools you want to ensure they attend, make sure you are looking within the area that applies. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there in different listings and a lot of things to consider. Knowing and mapping out what you want is most important to your purchasing decision.  A good agent will help make sure you don’t overlook the details and that makes THE DIFFERENCE!

If you are a flexible Kalkaska Real Estate Fall buyer, the good news is there is less competition in the fall.  This can pay off big for you!  We think October or November are the best months to buy a home.   The prices trend lower this time of year offering fall buyers a very good opportunity.