Local Highlights of Kalkaska Michigan

Thinking about moving to our neck of the woods? Well, we want to keep sharing with you some of the local highlights of Kalkaska Michigan, and some of the areas that surround us!

Kalkaska, one of the largest villages in Michigan, is the perfect place to enjoy winters. The territory houses several exciting recreational spots, making tourists keep the village on top of their destination lists. There are about 80 inland lakes and several county parks to have a pleasant time and get close to the beauty of nature. Here are five amazing events and places you can enjoy in Kalkaska.

On our Not-To-Miss List for Kalkaska and surrounding areas

Build to boost the trout-fishing heritage, this 18 feet large brook trout welcomes visitors to Northern Michigan. A fountain surrounds the statue, complementing its aquatic look. The fountain operates in warmer months. However, the decorative LED lights give the trout a special appearance at night, attracting even more travelers.

Visitors also like to visit the Kalkaska Historical museum, across the memorial. In the spirit of the trout memorial, Kalkaska also organizes the national trout festival. It takes place throughout the entire last week of the month of April. However, COVID did not let it happen this year.

Here comes the most unusual place you’ll ever find on this planet, the shoe tree. It seems like an old leaf-less tree has been taken advantage of. Whatsoever, it is a must-visit spot for teenagers especially.

You’ll find shoes of almost every color and size, so if you ever need to change your shoes when hitting the roads in Kalkaska, you know where to go. Although the origin of this unconventional tree is not known, residence says the idea was first executed by some high school students.

For the best boating experience, head to Luhrs Landing Marina. It is located in the Rapid City along the bank of Torch River. You can enjoy a full-fledge service including both individual and group boating. The staff there is quite professional and cooperative. You can even ask for a custom pontoon with all the specific features you require.

To the west of Kalkaska lies the Traverse City, which is known for its social and fun festivals. Its Sunrise Yoga is an excellent chance for yogis to perform their favorite exercises with a group of new people and a calming and pleasant environment. The practice area overlooks the Mari Vineyard, where you can devour a refreshing beverage of your choice after the event. Make sure to check their schedule before signing up.

These are just a few of the various interesting destinations in this Kalkaska and surrounding areas. Check back for more posts later on where we will continue to give you local highlights of Kalkaska Michigan. If you missed our highlight posts previously, check them out here.