Michigan’s Premier Family Safe Haven, Bug-Out Zone, Shelter in place

Family safe havens, Bug-out safe zone, Pandemic safe havens or Shelter in place locations, studies show that these rural retreats are used more now than ever before. Family safe havens are a terrific option to weather natural, health or manmade disasters. Selection of a great rural bug-out location begins by determining the distance you think you can travel when SHTF. Did you ever think you would be preparing to survive a pandemic? The COVID-19 scare turned even ordinary Americans into preppers. These are increasingly unpredictable times. Look at the stunning ripple effects from the Coronavirus.


We once thought we were secure in our homes. Now we may need to shelter-in-place or bug-out. Covid-19 has revealed that we need to create our own safe zone against threats and collapse conditions.

This former high-fence game ranch – a multi-acre secure compound – is in Pure Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. It’s 1390 acres of fenced, pristine, secluded, security a short 40 minutes from the first class airport, healthcare, grocery stores and amenities in Traverse City, MI.

For the past 100 years, this property has been owned by naturalists who have gone to extremes to preserve it.

You can improve your survivability by having backcountry property that’s able to sustain life when given the opportunity and a little preparation.

An integrated road and trail system, with bridges and catwalks, provides excellent access for mobility and safety. The acreage is a good mix of cedar, tag elder swamps, hardwoods, scattered poplars, about 3 miles of creeks and springs, (and the possibility of buying almost 1/2 mile of adjacent river frontage) rolling land and tillable pastures. It’s a perfect year-round wildlife habitat and excellent isolation for sustainability and recreation.

Click on the picture above to preview a the best premier survival property, bug out zone, pandemic safe zone or survivalist compound. There are many names we can use to describe this property. We all know it as family safety and family sustainability.

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Family Safe, Sound and Protected

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