Know Your Rights As a Tenant

Rights of Tenants

It is so important to know your rights as a tenant. According to Statista, as of 2019, 43 million housing units in the United States have been occupied by renters. Additionally, the number of people occupying rental units has been increasing ever since 1975. This higher number of people calls for renters to know their rights better so they are not misled and can fully exercise their due rights. 

Rejection of Rental Agreement

As a tenant, you should know that somebody cannot reject your application to rent based on race, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, family status, or physical or mental disability. The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits this, and there are laws in place in all the states that further prohibit rejection of renting on any basis, as mentioned above.

Rejection Based on Credit History

If you are denied a rental agreement based on your credit history, then the landlord is bound by the fair credit reporting act to tell you about the negative information. tire

Accommodations for Disability

Not only can you not be rejected rental opportunities based on your disability, but the landlord is also obliged to accommodate you by making reasonable provisions. These could include leasing a lower unit or installing ramps. 

Right of Privacy

It is your legal right to have privacy all the time. Your landlord cannot make an unannounced visit. They are supposed to notify you before they come to visit – for repairs or anything else.

Right to a Habitable Home

It is the right of the tenant to have a habitable residence. The house or unit you are renting should be safe to live in without any dangerous conditions and functional with necessary facilities.

These are a few of the vital rights that tenants enjoy as basic rights. Know your rights before you move in. It is always wise to carefully read the leasing agreement before you sign it.

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